Welcome to Powers of War Gaming Group!

We are a group of gamers who are either in IT or have a predisposition to mess with geeky crap. We like to try and pool our resources to be able to host and play some really great custom games in an environment we choose. Join us and register on our forums and leave us a message.

TeamSpeak3 Server Live

We now have a TeamSpeak 3.Server running! Feel free to drop in and chat. I'll be adding more rooms as I can. Please drop me a line at the email below if you need anything or have questions.

Server Address: ts3.powersofwar.com

XMage:Magic the Gathering -
Server Now Live

Like playing Magic The Gathering Online but hate paying high prices for Digital Cards? Welcome to XMage. XMage allows you to play every single Magic card in Magic's history in any format currently played. All completely free!

All you need is Java installed. If you do then all you need to do is download the XMageLauncher.jar file to start the install.

 Once the XMage Client is running, the connection screen will appear. Input the server address and port number in the above screenshot. Then pick a User ID and leave the password blank. Then click connect and your in.

Full instructions can be found Here

Server Address: mtg.powersofwar.com
Port: 17171
TeamSpeak3 Server Status: